Our Company

We at V-Mark Automation, for over 40 years, pride ourselves on being able to build outstanding equipment with world constraints of limited budgets, tight schedules and ever more demanding specifications. We have worked closely with hundreds of customers across a broad range of industries to meet their custom automation and production needs. Since August 2008, V-Mark became part of Montebello Packaging, member of the Jim Pattison family of companies. The Jim Pattison Group is the third largest privately help company in Canada with 25,000 employees. $5.2 billion in sales and 3.1 billion in assets.

V-Mark Automation builds a wide variety of efficient and reliable high-speed automatic assembly machines for high production manufacturers of small components. We continuously strive to exceed your industry's demands and to respond to your unique requirements. V-Mark Automation has an experienced, dedicated and diversified staff including highly skilled crafts-persons required for the effective implementation of our projects. We learned our skills while developing proven automated solutions in writing instruments, cosmetics, custom packaging, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, and a wide range of other industries.

As a V-Mark Automation client, you benefit from product information, project schedules, design reviews and progress visitations. You also benefit from a complete integrated logistics program, which includes training of your systems operation and maintenance personnel at the V-Mark plant or customer's facility. Technical publications required to support the product or system such as operation and maintenance manuals, complete with component lists, spare parts lists, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic drawings, operator interface MMI and PLC programs.

For 40 years and counting, V-Mark Automation has combined dedication to product quality, flexibility, reliability and speed to guarantee a competitive leadership. When V-Mark Automation assembly equipment is delivered, it is on time, within budget, efficient, reliable and features a fast Return on Investment. It is our goal to work with you to become your number one partner in automation and assembly solutions and ensure your company's success.




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